How to Laugh in a Foreign Language

“HAHAHA” or “LOL” are some of the top texts I receive from friends and family (I must be really funny).

Here is a quick guide on changing it up, and laughing in a foreign language.


‘MDR’ – French

My personal favorite – this acronym stands for “mort de rire” which translates to “dying of laughing”. Quite dramatic, but there are times where you may be more than ‘laughing out loud’ – you may actually feel like you’re dying from laughter.

I’ve also seen the French use ‘hahaha’. I’ve heard you can also use ‘hohoho’, ‘héhéhé’, and ‘hihihi’ – but I have personally never seen it being used.

‘www’ – Japanese

No, this does not stand for ‘world wide web’ – it doesn’t actually stand for anything. It is theorized that the ‘w’ was shortened from the Japanese word for ‘laugh’ which is ‘warai’. As the joke gets funnier, so do the number of w’s.

‘555’ – Thai

Here you can kill 2 birds with one stone – the Thai number five, is pronounced ‘ha’. Now you can count, from 5 to 5, and laugh, in Thai!

‘kkk’ – Korean

Koreans laugh with a slightly different sound. Their ‘k’ holds the same meaning as our ‘ha’ – the sound of laughter.


Some languages literally translate the sound ‘ha’ into their script.

‘хаха’ – Russian

‘jaja’ – Spanish

‘xaxa’ – Greek

‘xà xà’ – Hebrew

‘哈哈’ – Chinese


Have fun laughing in every language! Do you know a laughter that isn’t listed here? Tell us in the comments below!


Walsh Costigan

-Founder of Lexody

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