Language Of The Week: Hindi

This week is Hindi week in honor of our developer, Akshay’s, 25th birthday!

Keep reading to learn more about the Hindi language and get quick links to a variety of Hindi resources (including great movies and music).

Quick Hindi Facts:

Native Name: हिन्दी (Hindī)

# of Speakers: 545 Million

Spoken In: India, Nepal, Fiji, Mauritius, Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad & Tobago

Written from: Left to right

Hindi words used in English: guru, jungle, karma, yoga, bungalow, cheetah, thug, avatar

Script: Devanagari

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 6.04.57 PM

Key Hindi Phrases

Hello/Goodbye = नमस्ते (Namaste)

Please = कृपया (koi baat nahi)

How are you? = आप कैसे हैं? / तुम कैसे हो? [aap kaise hain?](formal) [tum kaise ho?](informal)

Where Can I learn Hindi?

Rosetta Stone

ABC Languages (in NYC)


Available on Duolingo 4/2018!

Hindi Movies

3 Idiots

Gangs Of Wasseypur (English Subtitled)

Wake Up Sid

A Wednesday

Hindi Music

Tamma tamma again

Suit suit


Khwabon Ke Parindey

Pichle Saat Dinon Mein

Chaiyya Chaiyya

Down / Desi Girl 


Have any other resources, music, or movies you think should be on the list? Have an article idea? Want to write for our blog?

Email us at

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